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B.Sc / Biotechnology

BSc Biotechnology has a deeper understanding of technology and offers analytical approach. Biotechnology course also offers you a greater degree of expertise on Biophysical Applications and Computational Biology. Bio-technology is making use of aspects of biology and developing agricultural production with use technology. EazyLink is a leading Overseas Education Consultant assuring the best assistance in choosing the right program considering your qualification, talent and budget.

Our well trained and certified counsellors are capable of finding the best courses and Universities for every individual. Biotechnology is a wide field of study which initiates making use of biological aspects of living organisms with an intention to improve the quality of lives. The four primary components of biotechnology include agriculture, medicines, food science and environment.

Study Biotechnology Abroad

Often something unimaginably tiny can have a huge effect on the world, as evidenced by advancements in the field of biotechnology, where a protein can turn into a life-saving drug or a nanomaterial can absorb sunlight to power the world more effectively. In the same way, a small action – the choice to study abroad – can have enormous effects on your life and career. As a relatively new field, there are still many biotechnology discoveries to be made, and the great minds working toward these discoveries are located all around the world. Studying biotechnology abroad can open your mind to all kinds of new things, from new foods and celebrations to new biotechnology breakthroughs.

By years of research and development and various impromptu techniques from the field, the human life has significantly made advance changes that have resulted into a better and healthier quality of life. In the late 20th and 21st century biotechnology expanded its practices by adding new components that can be researched on the basis of restructuring or boosting DNA molecules with chemicals or minerals.

The expansion of the field has led to new theories and practices of biotechnology. Biotechnology Engineering is a developing arena. It studies the genetics of living organisms and is closely related to industrial and agricultural aspects of biotechnology.

Biotechnology Options

The courses offered in this field cover all aspects of the applied biochemistry and biotechnology industries, including commercialising technology, entrepreneurship, and intellectual property and patents, with lectures and case studies from business leaders and academics. Students will have the chance to spend the third year conducting research at one of the leading partner institutions overseas.

Our international education specialists are experienced and well-versed with the entire procedure involved in studying abroad. Abroad Education Consultants in Thrissur, Kochi-Ernakulam and Calicut can guide you finding the right destination, institution and course, besides assisting you in your application, SOP, visa process and other documentations.